Renee Mechelle Stewart

Candidate for McPherson

Renee is running as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party (AJP) within the federal division of McPherson on the Gold Coast.

Renee has lived on the coast for over 14 years and is well known in the local community as an advocate for animal rights. She has organised and conducted many positive outreach events which educate the public about the unjust practices within factory farming. Driven by the desire to protect animals, Renee was actively involved in the community opposition to the destruction of Black Swan Lake by the local city council, and has been a long-term carer volunteering with a local animal rescue. She asserts that animals deserve the respect and consideration of all levels of government.

“These decisions not only affect people, but they affect animals and the environment as well. Currently, governments appear to only be interested in looking after big business and special interest groups have power. In most cases, this is at the expense of animals. We need representatives at the local, state and federal levels of government to speak up for what is right by animals, and that is what I plan to do.”

As a candidate for the AJP, Renee is now looking to prioritise critical animal protection issues which are currently being ignored by other political parties. Her main goals this election will include the habitat loss of vulnerable species, ending the cruel practice of live export, and transitioning farmers away from intensive animal agriculture towards sustainable, climate-appropriate horticulture.

“We live in a critical moment in time where our current lifestyle is affecting our environment to our own detriment.  My goal is to encourage society to re-examine our relationship with nature in order to develop a more balanced, sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle. A lot of this starts from the top with policy change and law reform.”

Renee is a long term member of the AJP and is dedicated to representing the interests of animals by supporting laws, policies and practices that promote an improved quality of life for animals, ultimately minimising their suffering and further encouraging kindness and equality for all individuals on our planet.

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