Maureen Patricia Brohman

Candidate for Dickson

Maureen Brohman is running for the Animal Justice Party in the Queensland federal division of Dickson in north Brisbane and Moreton Bay. She is compassionate, hard working and dedicated to creating a better life for all. As an AJP candidate, Maureen is continuing her years of advocacy for other animals with whom we share our planet Earth.

“I am extremely excited and humbled to run as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party and to have the opportunity to advocate for animals and environmental protection. It is simply not enough for politicians to focus on economics alone when our planet is being destroyed and environmental issues are out of control. Someone must speak up. We must protect the future.”

Living the AJP’s principles of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence, Maureen states that more must be done by both individuals and governments to prevent the destruction of wildlife and nature by land clearing, fossil fuels and animal agriculture. Her 2019 election priorities also include ending live export,  transitioning towards sustainable, lucrative plant-based agriculture and combating dangerous climate change.

“It is beyond time to act. There is no longer time for complacency or ignorance. Education and action are essential to halt the reality of what is really happening to animals and our planet. The extinction of our most vulnerable is a very real concern. The federal government must take the lead and get to work.”

Maureen, has lived and worked in the Moreton Bay Shire for 30 years. She worked as a primary school teacher at two local state schools for most of that time. She is a seasoned animal advocate, attending demonstrations and committing many years to the rescue of wildlife, dogs and birds in the Moreton Bay region. She is currently the Brisbane North Regional coordinator for the local AJP where she speaks up for the interests of all animals, including koalas.

“I have come to really know Dickson and its surrounds. I can’t explain the connection I feel with residents and their concerns regarding many issues and in the foresight, land clearing, loss of habitat and precious wildlife. I personally have seen the effects of uncontrolled development. Years ago, we loved being in touch with nature at Cash’s Crossing and at that time koalas were abundant in the trees. We shared our yard with all types of wildlife but sadly that has changed. I know first hand that something has to change in our relationship with other animals and nature.”  

Maureen has retired from Primary Education but remains stringently passionate about the right to access education.

“Education is not a privilege, it is a right for all. We need to equip and empower present and future generations by including many facets of life including social justice, animal justice, environmental justice and critical thinking skills to address issues that relate to creating a just and compassionate world for all.”


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