Mackenzie Severns

Candidate for Herbert

Mackenzie Severns is proudly representing the Animal Justice Party (AJP) in the federal division of Herbert, which includes Townsville. Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Mackenzie calls Townsville home. She has lived locally for two years while studying at James Cook University. As a Bachelor of Advanced Science student, majoring in Earth Science and Zoology & Ecology, Mackenzie is concerned by the impact of deforestation, climate change and animal agriculture on the environment. Mackenzie says that the upcoming election is the opportunity we need to act on protecting the native environment, and the severely threatened Great Barrier Reef.    

“Environmental degradation is an increasingly important issue that governments and politicians are choosing to ignore. We can’t afford to avoid the issue anymore. It’s time to act for positive change”

After recent catastrophic flooding in North Queensland, and several other extreme weather events across the country, it is all too evident that our environment and wildlife are in trouble.

“We need to consider making more ethical and sustainable choices to secure a future for our planet.”

Mackenzie says a common cause of these problems is animal agriculture. But she is very much pro-farmer, wanting to use a position in parliament to be an advocate for locally grown crops and produce. Horticulture is less environmentally taxing and resource intensive. And, as plant-based products are in demand, it is important for farmers to be supported through the transition into what should be a lucrative market for Townsville growers.

“There’s a big role for government in helping farmers grow sustainable, climate-appropriate food. In fact, I think it’s crucial to our national food security. I want to see more diversity in our local crop yield.”

Mackenzie also wants to end live animal export. She says that this is an example of a dying industry with workers needing an alternative for kind and meaningful employment. The AJP policy on live export includes a federal inquiry into plant-based exports to replace and even expand upon any losses. “If it is up to me and the AJP, there will be many more jobs available in ethical, local industry.”

At a young age, Mackenzie made the ethical decision to eliminate animal products from her diet after learning the cruelty inflicted on animals in the animal agriculture industry. Ever since, she has advocated a strong animal rights stance and been heavily involved in vegan-based community projects. She volunteers at Townsville’s local animal sanctuary and with peaceful demonstrations.

Mackenzie is representing the Animal Justice Party to educate, inspire and guide the people of Townsville towards a more compassionate future for the animals, our planet, and society.

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