Karen Eckermann

Candidate for Barker

Karen is currently serving local government councillor with a reputation for animal advocacy in
all she does. She studied social work at Monash University and worked in welfare agencies and not-
for-profits towards greater social justice and equality of opportunity. She was a founding
member of the AJP in South Australia and have campaigned against live animal export and
battery hens for 20+ years.

Karen currently lives in Murray Bridge – a regional agriculture-based township – which is
surrounded by intensive farming and its associated industries. She works to educate and evoke
empathy to improve the lives and deaths of those animals involved in the region’s
agricultural economy. She brings a pragmatic, harm minimisation strategy to her advocacy and
seeks to work from within to effect real and lasting change.

She has long been involved in local companion animal and wildlife organisations, but her main
passion lies in improving the treatment of farm animals and in particular, battery hens and
intensive poultry sheds – and an end to live animal export. Karen is also intent on the
introduction of mandatory CCTV cameras to all slaughterhouses and greater scrutiny to
animal transportation and housing. For companion animals, she seeks to make permanent dog
tethering illegal and to ensure every cat has a secure and loving home.

Karen brings enthusiasm, professionalism and sincerity to her animal rights activism and believes
that an AJP voice in all Australian Parliaments will enhance the political system to keep
compassion and kindness on the agenda.

  • South Australia
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