Joanne Webb

Candidate for Ryan

Joanne Webb is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the Queensland federal division of Ryan. Her campaign is centred on her belief that all animals (human and non-human) deserve sovereignty, security and equality. Joanne has chosen to run for the AJP because she knows that the most effective way to make this belief a reality is through policy and legislative change.

“The AJP aims to be a voice for animals in parliament. Laws and policies at every level of government affect the daily lives of animals and nature, but few are advocating for their interests in Parliament. I aim to change that.”

Joanne is a marketing communications and engagement specialist of more than 20 years with experience across the private and public sectors. Through hard work she has risen up the ranks to become a senior manager in her firm. Joanne is also completing her Master of Governance and Public Policy at the University of Queensland. She combines her corporate experience and academic knowledge in her advocacy to generate real change for animals and the environment.

“Good policy involves considering a problem from all sides and working together for the best outcome. Sadly, policies too often ignore the needs of animals and promote the desires of big business. Live export is an example of this.”

Joanne is campaigning to end live animal export, create immediate action on climate change and develop new jobs for Queenslanders in cruelty-free industries. “The community has been demanding action on live animal export and the Federal government has done nothing. It is time for change, for action and for greater transparency when it comes to the lives of animals.”

Compassionate, driven and dedicated to creating genuine social change, Joanne has been an active volunteer member on the AJP State Committee since 2017 as State Secretary and more recently as Marketing Manager. She volunteers as Communications Director with a farm animal rescue charity, where she also cherishes her time with the free-roaming farmed animals that have been rescued from abuse, neglect and slaughter. She says that these individuals inspire her to continue with her campaigns.

Joanne treasures the local wildlife and habitat of Ryan’s invaluable national parks and bushland.

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