Jacqui Edgecombe

Candidate for Grey

Jacqui is a professional musician and entertainer who has been involved in the animal protection movement since 2012, the year she became vegan. Although she has spent much of the past two decades living in Victoria and NSW, she is now back in her home state of South Australia where she looks forward to running in the challenging electorate of Grey. Jacqui believes animal rights is the most urgent and important social justice issue of our time and that real changes in the lives of our fellow beings must be consolidated through legislation.

Jacqui has been a member of the Animal Justice Party since 2012 and was previously very active as AJPs membership manager in Victoria and a Senate Candidate in 2016. As well as campaigning both politically and at the grass-roots, Jacqui has added a touch of class to many animal rights events with her cello.


  • South Australia
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