Geoff Russell

Candidate for Boothby

Geoff Russell recently retired from a career in computer scheduling of public transport, working on the software used for the Sydney Olympics; which was later sold globally. Throughout that computing career he also volunteered for animal protection groups in areas as diverse as Animal Experimentation Ethics Committees and writing software for the RSPCA in South Australia. He eventually resigned from his ethics committee work over the continued use of animals for research he believed could be replaced by alternatives; specifically mice for the production of monoclonal antibodies. Within a few years, he was vindicated as the in-vitro methods did indeed replace mice for virtually all such work. Russell also wrote computer simulation work for the anti-duck hunting campaigns, demonstrating conclusively that high wounding rates were inevitable and the skilled duck shooters wound more animals than unskilled shooters (because they get closer more often), thus showing that there was no way to regulate this “sport” to reduce suffering. It simply has to go.

His interest in all things scientific has made climate change in all its facets somewhat of an obsession for the past 15 years. He has written two books and been published in many Australian newspapers. He was a regular contributor to the BraveNewClimate blog of Professor Barry Brook when it was active and is now a frequent contributor to New Matilda. He was one of the first people (outside of specialist climate scientists) to appreciate the link between animal agriculture and the climate. His 2009 book CSIRO Perfidy slammed the CSIRO’s support for what he calls the most climate destructive diet on the planet: The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Geoff will be standing in the seat of Boothby in South Australia where the coal loving, live export advocate, Nicole Flint is the sitting Liberal Member. Flint ticks all the boxes for scientific ignorance coupled with a singular lack of compassion and deserves the considerable array of opposition that has rallied in Boothby to unseat her!

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