Deanna Kangas

Candidate for Adelaide

Deanna Kangas is a professional Cabaret Performer, as well as the Company Director of Voicehouse. Born in Adelaide, she has lived in this beautiful state for her entire life and has been fortunate enough to run her own business in the Adelaide CBD for the past 10 years.

Deanna is a passionate Animal Rights Activist and believes that to create fast and effective change, we must stand up and speak every chance we get. By covering all angles from grass-roots activism right through to the necessary legislative changes made by the AJP, together we can work towards giving the animals their right to total liberation.

Alongside running in the upcoming Federal election, Deanna currently co-coordinates the SA chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless, and uses her decades of media experience to speak up for the animals publicly. She was also nominated for PETA Australia’s Hottest Vegan in 2018. As a candidate, Deanna is looking forward to raising awareness around effective climate change strategies and helping to educate the public on our current animal welfare conditions.


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