Alison Kelty

Candidate for Hindmarsh

Alison Kelty has been involved in animal rights campaigns and environmental issues for the past 35 years. First as a campaign co-ordinator of Greenpeace, and throughout her life, as an activist with Animal Liberation, Adelaide Against Live Export, Animals Australia, and now, the Animal Justice Party.

Alison began her working life as a high school teacher, then married, raised four sons, and ran a small retail business here in Adelaide, working with ethical craft products from developing countries. She is a grandmother now, actively concerned for the future of our planet with the effects of climate change, and committed to doing what she can to support a kinder world which does not support the meat and dairy industry.

Alison has been a vegetarian since her teenage years, and is now a vegan. The Animal Justice Party has a blueprint for living in a world free of cruelty to the other species with whom we share this planet, and she is privileged to be involved.


  • South Australia
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