The Animal Justice Party  last week took part in a stunt on a packed Sydney commuter train to call attention to the living conditions of battery-caged hens. Supporters packed a rush hour train to Bondi Junction to demonstrate the cramped conditions that caged chickens across Australia face on a daily basis.

caged chickens
Caging chickens is just cruel

The stunt comes just a week after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), led investigation found that the companies who process and supply Steggles-branded chicken products were found guilty of false advertising after claiming its chickens, which only had access to floor space of less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper, were “free to roam” in large barns.

In Australia there are around 12 million hens are locked in wire cages, more commonly known as called battery cages, often with up to five other birds. Meanwhile barn laid laying hens are forced to live in windowless sheds with tens of thousands of other birds.

caged chickens
Caging chickens is just cruel

Kate Vickers, one of the Animal Justice Party parliamentary candidates, commented: “We wanted to visually highlight the conditions that many chickens across Australia face on a daily basis. You might think that your commute to work is cramped, but this is what caged chickens face 24 hours a days. We are here to raise awareness of how these hens live and our commitment to banning battery farming in Australia. Lend your support by voting for the Animal Justice Party in the upcoming Senate election”

Australia is behind EU developments where battery cages were banned from the beginning of 2012. The EU decision was based on comprehensive scientific evidence that presented an indisputable argument that the battery cage should be banned.

No chickens were harmed during the campaigning for their fellow hens. ( Well done to Hazel and the other Sydney people for organising this )

For more information contact Mark Pearson (NSW candidate and AJP Vice President) on 0417 252107, email vicepresident@animaljusticeparty.org

chickens roaming free
Chickens should be free to roam in nature
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