Thought your train trip home was crowded? Think again.

Commuters at Central Station are being herded in by a flock of fluffy chickens this afternoon, the yellow-breasted activists filling the station to draw attention to the plight of caged battery hens in Australia.696540-chickens

Organised by the Animal Justice Party, the stunt encourages commuters to cuddle up to a chicken and “take a pic with a chick”, then share it across Facebook and Twitter.

Organiser Hazel Stephens said the stunt was also a way to draw attention to the two candidates the Animal Justice Party would nominate for the next state election.

“If you see us definitely come up and take a photo, and more importantly share it on social media,” Ms Stephens said.

661357-battery-hens“We want to get across to people that there’s a political party out there that’s focussed on the animals, and we also wanted to highlight the crisis of battery hens at the same time.

“It might sound like a bit of a niche market but in fact nearly 80 per cent of decisions made in parliament will have some effect on animals.

“What we’re about is having someone there who is going to be a voice for the animals and put across that perspective each and every time.”

The Animal Justice Party Chickens will be at Central Station until 7pm Thursday.

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