Rosie the lucky wombat, who is being rehabilitated by President Steve Garlick and his wonderful wife Rosemary

We would like to thank every Animal Justice Party member and supporter for helping to make 2015 such a successful year for the animals. Together we not only witnessed, but made history, with Australia being only the second country in the world to elect an animal representative to Parliament.

We hope the animals can rely on you to continue to support our efforts in 2016 on their behalf. As you know there is much to be done, and next year, with a Federal election looming, we will be particularly busy.

We hope it is a pleasant festive and holiday season for you. Sadly of course it is often not that way for our animal brethren. They may be bought on impulse from a pet shop or via an advertisement from a puppy farm, and then neglected or even abandoned soon afterwards. Numerous animals will have endured hideous conditions in intensive factory farms so that we can enjoy our celebratory feasts, or so that they may be discarded afterwards as part of copious amounts of food waste. Other animals will be alarmed by our fireworks, or exposed to intense heat, drought and bush fires.

If you can help an animal in distress at this time of the year (for example by looking after an injured wild animal or adopting an abandoned companion animal), then they and you may well have the very best of festive seasons, and you will be assisting to make this world a better place.

Season’s Greetings to all Animal Justice Party supporters
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