The ACT Government is continuing to ignore non-lethal alternatives to the unnecessary slaughter of thousands of kangaroos in public reserves in the nation’s capital.

National President of the Animal Justice, Party Professor Steve Garlick said today that the ACT Labor Government and the Greens had ignored calls to use well-researched and well-used non-lethal wildlife management practices instead of cruelly shooting, beheading and bashing to death the country’s national emblem.

“The government is refusing to use such proven non-lethal wildlife management measures as wildlife corridors, translocation and fertility control and has instead opted for a lazy policy of brutal cruelty towards a gentle and inoffensive animal. In so doing, the ACT Government panders to the ignorant and dangerous in our society”, he said.

“If there is a scientifically proven ecological need to control these animals, and we don’t believe such a need has as yet been demonstrated, there is a far more humane and responsible way to do it and the government and the Greens are fully aware of this.

“Alternative humane measures need to be implemented and the government needs to be transparent in all that it does in managing kangaroos.

“It must also abandon its current practice of sneaking culling announcements out at times when it knows they will be missed by much of the community.

“The ACT Labor and Greens coalition government has made obfuscation an art form, reduced environmental and budgetary accountability and belittled rigorous scientific debate through its promotion of a killing spree of kangaroos.”

This highlights a seriously disturbing weakness in leadership character that requires urgent action if the community’s values of compassion, honesty and creativity are to remain steadfast.

At the forthcoming federal election and the October ACT election the Animal Justice Party will be calling on the ALP and the Greens to show cause why their lack of moral concern for animals should not be rejected by the ACT community and communities everywhere across the nation. This is a vital national issue if we are to have a smart and compassionate Australia. The alternative is not acceptable.

In the end, the way we treat animals in the ACT and throughout the nation is a reflection of the way we regard ourselves as humans in the community at large.


Professor Steve Garlick PhD, National President, Animal Justice Party, 042 888 0564

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