Below are the final numbers for our two candidates in the Upper House, Angela Martin and Wendy Davey.

Upper house results

Angela Martin, our lead candidateAngela Martin has been our Lead Candidate for the SA Legislative Council in the state elections. She has a history of political experience, having been a Liberal Party speech writer from 1982 to 1985.  Angela’s priorities are to legislate changes to the animal agriculture industry, to change slaughterhouse regulations (installing closed circuit TV systems). She would like to engage with economists and social reform advocates for changes to the legislation and tax system required to implement  animal welfare policies. She believes that we should embrace the positive benefits that will come from transforming a century-old industry like farming into a new and sustainable industry that will benefit the livelihood of all humans, and end the need to kill for food. You can contact Angela through her Facebook page. She is particularly interested in discussing slaughterhouse practices.

“I believe in a compassionate world and I believe this is what most people want. I will make good on my promise to never stop fighting for animals.”


Wendy DaveyWendy, our second Upper House candidate, first became an advocate for animals in the 1990s. She has a focus on phasing out Live Export, and would like to shine a light on bow hunting, a  so-called ‘sport’ which would surely be rejected by any reasonable person if it had more attention.  Wendy’s message is that a first preference vote for the AJP is a vote for kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence. Wendy is happy to discuss these issues, particularly bow hunting, through her Facebook page.

“Things will never change if you don’t vote for change.  We need people in charge who will listen to their electorate, who are free to make decisions based on what is right, without all the internal machinations of the major parties that muddy the waters.”  


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