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Why do big polluters continue unchecked? Why is industry exempt from our animal welfare laws? Why is the natural environment in collapse? Our state is falling behind … Queensland is home to land clearing, declining animal populations, climate inaction, violence and animal cruelty. The solution is not the same narrow-minded thinking we get from the major political parties. We need a new perspective that prioritises kindness, includes the interests of animals, and accepts humanity’s part within a wider Earth community.

The Animal Justice Party is running candidates across Queensland to stand up for animals and nature. We have consulted with members, animal carers and advocates to develop the ‘Ten Point Plan for a Kinder Queensland’. Our Plan will make Queensland the leader in animal and environmental protection while promoting ethical & sustainable industry, good health, and caring communities.

We are the only political party dedicated to the protection of animals and nature, and we need your support.

The Ten Point Plan for a Kinder Queensland

Animal Justice Party candidates are committed to our core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Nonviolence. Our members have also written our commitments for the 2020 State Election. If elected, our candidates will work hard in Parliament to implement our Ten Point Plan:

1. Declare a climate emergency and biodiversity emergency

2. Invest in an ethical economy and a healthy population

3. Protect marine life, oceans and our iconic beaches

4. Restore the natural world

5. Support the hard work of wildlife rescue volunteers

6. Extend legal personhood to animals and nature

7. Crack down on animal cruelty

8. Free animals from the ‘entertainment’ industry

9. Provide loving homes for companion animals

10. Promote AJP’s core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Nonviolence

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