Veganpet is different to any other dog or cat food. Because it is human grade Ingredients and Organic (ranging 60% -90% organic depending on availability).  Veganpet is suitable for pups through to old dogs and kittens through to old cats. The human grade ingredients are Australian grown, the product is Australian Made and is owned by a small ethical company giving our customers much better support should there be any questions converting to Veganpet. Veganpet is also clinically tested and Scientifically evaluated under the supervision of two Clinical Professors at both Murdoch University in Perth and the Universality of South Australia.

Founded in 2004, OCC Apparel is an established Australian industry leader and pioneer, offering a diverse range of garment manufacturing services continuously focused on sustainability and ethical practices. We want to live in a world where everyone acts with integrity by making positive choices that support the well being of a global community. By focusing on creating and supplying the world’s best ethical apparel we will enable and provide successful customer businesses, social enterprises and individuals.

Everything vegan for pets. Bringing you the finest selection of vegan pet food from around the world. It is my sincere wish that you discover how you may enjoy the companionship of your dog or cat by providing nutritionally complete cruelty-free vegan food that benefits animals, people and our planet. Vegan pet food may be the solution to help you severe the final link to the slaughterhouse so that you will no longer contribute to the unnecessary suffering of other animals.

BioPak was founded by Richard Fine and Gary Smith back in 2006. In the span of a decade, BioPak have disrupted the industry and continue to lead by developing innovative packaging solutions based on the principles of a circular economy.  What makes BioPak different is that we have created an alternative to single use-plastics, disrupting the Australian packaging industry through the introduction plant-based, compostable single-use food service disposables BioPak is used by thousands of businesses every day with demand continuing to rise, with big names such as Coca-Cola and Qantas coming on board in 2019.

Sassy Organics is 100% vegan and eco friendly online store, based in Melbourne featuring amazing range of products including natural and organic skin care & make up, organic baby products, herbal teas, vegan protein, eco friendly home essentials and much more. They love supporting green Australian beauty brands, with the majority of the featured brands being Australian owned and made, including Eco Tan, Vanessa Megan, Black Chicken Remedies, SALT by Hendrix, Zkin Organics, Emma Organics, Zuii Organic and others. Sassy Organics selects products based on their high-quality ingredients, performance and cruelty-free policies, ensuring that they cater for everyone in the family – including men and babies! Sassy Organics offers quick and free shipping on all orders over $100. Afterpay & zipPay available.

Hi there! We are Brittany and Bronson, and together we are the founders and cheesemakers at The Vegan Dairy. All our products are handcrafted on the Mornington Peninsula of Melbourne using all-organic ingredients and traditional cheesemaking techniques. Having worked in the dairy industry for a number of years prior to accidentally starting The Vegan Dairy, this experience has given us the insight into traditional cheese making methods that could be applied to vegan versions and has also enabled us to play with flavours with a better understanding of how our products should taste and feel if they were to rival ‘real’ dairy. We are always experimenting and trying new things, pushing the boundaries between age-old cheesemaking techniques and crazy new ideas. And we hope, this way, to bring to the plant-based world the timeless social aspect of sitting around a cheese board with loved ones. We hope you love our creations as much as we do!

Gluten Freegan is passionate about the vegan lifestyle. For us it’s all about the animals. With a love for baking and art, in particular abstracts, Gluten Freegan combines the two avenues of creativity to produce aesthetically beautiful and delicious cakes. We always use organic ingredients, and seasonal produce wherever possible. We sell at various markets around Melbourne, it’s a great way to talk to people about veganism, recipes and ideas. Visit our website to view upcoming events.

Vegan Perfection are retailers and distributors of the finest vegan products from Australia and around the world. From cheeses to chocolates, desserts to deli-slices, and marshmallows to mayonnaises. We have it all! Order direct from us through our all new website and choose from our massive selection of products and flat-rate shipping to most areas of Australia. Or visit one of the hundreds of retailers we supply Australia wide! Everything we sell is vegan, with a focus on organic and natural products and ingredients. Our motto is “Pure indulgence for healthy living”

Nathan Ferlazzo was born in Melbourne and studied multimedia design at Monash University and worked in various design studios as a graphic designer before making the exiting move to start a family business – Marini Ferlazzo.  Marini Ferlazzo is based in Melbourne and works alongside not-for-profit organisations to support wildlife conservation.  We create collections in collaboration with our conservation partners and donate a share of profits to their organisation. Nathan has a passion for not only art and wildlife but for science and nature.  His intricate pen and ink illustrations are intended to highlight both the beauty of the world’s wildlife while educating and inspiring viewers to take action to help protect threatened species.

Our collars and leads are hand-crafted in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. Our mission is to create extraordinary collars for our fur friends from the finest materials on the planet. Our collars are made with clean energy and we are fueled with cruelty-free foods. All proceeds benefit our animal sanctuary, Harry’s Haven and other rescue orgs world-wide.

AVS Organic Foods is a business based in Victoria Australia that aims to create and provide tasty foods that are free from animal cruelty. AVS focuses on non-dairy cheeses but also make Awesome Rolls and Meatless Roasts. All products are gluten free and organic. AVS is keenly aware of the different dietary restrictions for many people so strive to make options that are nut free, soy free and low fodmap. AVS is a strong advocate for animal welfare and was founded on the desire to educate non-vegan’s that foods can taste great, even better without animal products, coupled with the frustration of the limitation in purchasing vegan friendly or dairy free products when out with family and friends. Compassion and love are the strengths that we want to see in the future towards all of earths beings and we hope that you would like to take that path with us.

Okay, it might sound a bit much when we put it like that. But it’s still true. We genuinely believe in helping others, which is why we donate 50% of our profits to charity. It’s our way of repaying the generosity that was shown in 2009, when our founder, David Laity, lost most of what he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires. He was able to start again with a $15,000 grant from the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal – money donated by legends like you. Overwhelmed by this kindness, he used the grant to begin Goodwill Wine as a way to pay forward this incredible generosity. David’s commitment to paying the charities $2 from every bottle sold – before paying his own wages – meant that he was actually donating around 90% of the profits in the first few years while the business took hold. As word spread about the quality of the wines, Goodwill Wine grew, and today we support over 300 charities. We’ve donated more than $250,000 so far, and with your support, we’ll be able to continue donating more for many years to come.

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