The ACT Government has removed a ‘protected’ status from kangaroos, now classifying them as a ‘controlled species’.  The change means that community groups cannot contest the government’s annual cull of kangaroos under its Kangaroo Management Plan.

Female Kangaroo with Joey“Banning public scrutiny from the government’s destruction of our local native kangaroo populations should be criminal.  This is the latest in a long saga of apparent breaches of the law and systematic white-anting of democratic processes by the ACT government”, said Frankie Seymour, AJP spokesperson.

“The ACT Government’s ongoing failure to ensure its shooters comply with the Animal Welfare Act and the Code of Practice is well documented.  Each year during the kangaroo cull, we are contacted by concerned and distressed ACT residents who have observed orphaned young at foot abandoned to death by the annual slaughter.  The abandonment of this ‘ghost population’ was admitted during the 2014 ACAT hearing by a witness called by thy the government to give evidence on the welfare aspects of the government’s annual slaughter.

“Transparency and the right to contest decisions is necessary in any ethical democracy.” says Seymour.

At the 2014 Administrative Appeals Tribunal the ACT Government’s Chief Ecologist conceded under oath that his calculations for determining numbers of kangaroos to kill each year was “flawed”.

“The very premise on which this cull of our most iconic native animal is based must be questioned”, says Seymour.



Frankie Seymour, AJP Media Contact on ACT Kangaroos, 0405 252 980

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