Meet Bernie Brennan and Francine Horne, your two Animal Justice Party candidates for Yerrabi.

Bernie Brennan

I have called Canberra home for 35 years and have been involved in animal protection and social justice for 25 years.  We Canberrans pride ourselves on being called the “Bush Capital”, but unfortunately, we are losing this title.  Currently we try to ‘manage’ wildlife when we perceive it as a pest, a threat or an inconvenience.  Instead we should be exploring ways to coexist before it’s too late.  We need to look at issues around the lack of grassland connectivity, urban sprawl and things like encouraging drivers to slow down after dark to give our precious wildlife a better chance. As an example – from one side of Canberra to the other is 35 kms. If motorists slowed down by only 20kmph after dark, it would add just over 6 minutes to this journey.  Is our wildlife worth more than 6 minutes to you?

Francine Horne

I have lived in the ACT for 40 years and in the Gungahlin area for 25 years.

In those days I was proud to say I live in the Bush Capital, but no more.  Kangaroos are being culled every year and I would like to see that stopped permanently.

I have been an advocate for animals for the past ten years when I realised animals are powerless and suffer greatly in factory farms, science experiments, live export, entertainment, sport and for human clothing and accessories.

For people, I would like to address the issues of homelessness, low income workers and domestic violence.

I want to be a voice for animals and social justice and through the Animal Justice Party give the residents of Yerrabi a chance to vote for kindness and equality.

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