Meet Carolyne Drew and Lara Drew, your two Animal Justice Party candidates for Ginninderra

Carolyne Drew

Broadly, as an AJP candidate for the seat of Ginninderra, I want to protect the environment that wildlife, and the people of Ginninderra, call home. With encroaching development as the population expands, I want to bring about a new model of development based on kindness and compassion for both animals and people rather than one of disregard. Understanding that kindness and compassion also underpin social justice and equity, important to the heart of any community.

More specifically, as a passionate advocate for animal rights a major focus is the plight of kangaroos. I want to end the annual cull and end the landholder licences that allow for killing of kangaroos in rural zones. Along with this I want to see the use of 1080 and other indiscriminate poisons ended because of the threat not only to wildlife, but the well-being of peoples’ pets. I also want to see more significant funding of the trap, neuter, and release management (TNRM) programs to bring about a positive effect to colony cats’ well-being and ultimately bring to an end unwanted cats having to eke out an existence on the periphery of the suburbs.

Here is your chance to vote for a kinder vision by voting number “1” for the AJP in Ginninderra.

Dr Lara Drew

My advocacy work is grounded in a larger social justice framework inclusive of animals, people, and the environment.  For the past 12 years, I have led grassroots and public awareness initiatives to shine a spotlight on the atrocities of the kangaroo cull and headed investigations exposing the treatment of animals in factory farms. Combined with my advocacy work, I hold a PhD in Education and research and publish in the field of adult learning, social movements, community development and Critical Animal Studies. My research informs and shapes my advocacy work. If you are interested in initiatives that consider the interests of all sentient beings, not only those of human beings, vote “1” AJP.

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