Meet Robyn Soxsmith and Jannah Fahiz, your two Animal Justice Party candidates for Brindabella

Robyn Soxsmith

I am a long-time Kambah resident and have been a progressive advocate for animals and the LGTBIQ community for over 25 years.  Now retired from the federal public service I devote my  time and experience to my passion for social justice causes.

My advocacy includes animal protection committee work, direct action and running a regular social group for women as well as co-founding an association to expose the cruelty of the annual kangaroo massacre in Canberra.

So concerned about the loss of Canberra’s reputation as the beautiful Bush Capital, I am standing for the seat of Brindabella for the Animal Justice Party.

If you care about animals and the environment please vote for me.  I will work hard to Improve the lives of animals and revitalise Canberra as the Bush Capital.

Jannah Fahiz

Animals need protection. We live in the Bush Capital but we neglect our wildlife. It’s time that we live in harmony with non-human animals and care for our environment. Canberra is known for the beautiful Australian nature reserves filled with gum trees and native wildlife. It is important that we preserve these areas and all who live within them so future generations can also enjoy what we have today. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we must review how we treat certain species and that we should have more respect when interacting with all beings. It is not too late to change our ways.

 I was born and raised in ACT and have always had a passion for helping other people as well as wanting to care for animals. Each year, it becomes more and more urgent that we act in kinder ways to the Earth and all beings who live upon it. I wish to see a community who chooses compassion over greed. This election, I will be running for a seat in the Brindabella region. Please vote 1 and 2 for Animal Justice Party and help us create a kinder Canberra.

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