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The Animal Justice Party is running 10 candidates across the Australian Capital Territory to stand up for animals, people and the environment:

  1. Revitalise Canberra as the Bush Capital by creating nature corridors to protect wildlife from road deaths and replace barbed wire in wildlife habitats.
  2. Introduce laws to protect wildlife and ban the yearly kangaroo cull.
  3. Ban the use of lethal control for naturalised animal species, on a three-pronged rationale of; prohibiting animal cruelty, implementing effective rather than counter-productive control, and protecting native animals from downstream impacts.
  4. Redirect the $6million+ funding allocated to horse racing by ACT Government each year into the various animal and environmental projects.
  5. Help homeless, DVA and DFV animal guardians access overnight accommodation and/or refuges.
  6. Ban the use of poisons such as 1080 and Pindone and infectious diseases like calicivirus and myxomatosis.
  7. Introduce mobile watering stations for wildlife during drought conditions.
  8. Improve the public transport system to enable greater access to parks/reserves and allow companion animals on board.
  9. Instigate the use of trap, neuter, release, monitor (TNRM) programs for urban cat populations.
  10. Reduce the spread of zoonotic diseases such as COVID19 (SARS) by eliminating intensive animal production and confinement.
  11. Assist producers to transition from intensive animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture and phase out Pace Farms ACT Factory Farm.
  12. Promote a plant-based diet as an alternative to the present cruel, economically-driven food policies.
  13. Introduce shelter and water policies to farmlands agisting farmed animals.
  14. Ban the exploitation of animals in entertainment, including petting zoos, best-in-show, horse racing, and baby animal racing.
  15. Introduce dusk and dawn speed limits for roads surrounding reserves.
  16. Establish an Independent Animal Protection Agency.
  17. Represent non-human animals in our education system.
  18. Support a ban on live animal exports.

We are the only political party dedicated to the protection of animals and nature, and we need your support.

Our candidates

Animal Justice Party candidates are committed to our core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence.

We are proud to introduce our kind and compassionate candidates:

Candidates for Ginninderra

Carolyne Drew
Dr Lara Drew

Read more about Carolyne and Lara

Candidates for Brindabella

Robyn Soxsmith
Jannah Fahiz

Read more about Robyn and Jannah

Candidates for Murrumbidgee

Yana del Valle
Edmund Handby

Read more about Yana and Edmund

Candidates for Yerrabi

Bernie Brennan
Francine Horne

Read more about Bernie and Francine

Candidates for Kurranjong

Serrin Rutledge-Prior
Julie Smith

Read more about Serrin and Julie

Maximise your voting power

When you give your primary (or [1]) vote to an Animal Justice Party candidate, you are making a loud statement that animals and nature are important to you. With compulsory preferential voting, politicians take note of who voters pick first. To have an impact like our MPs in NSW and Victoria, our candidates need your first preference ([1] vote) to win and take office. Remember to cast a valid vote with compulsory preferential voting you must number every square in the order of your preference.

How you can help

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