The Animal Justice Party and the Canberra Community

The AJP vision for Canberra is as a free, just, compassionate and democratic human society, because only a society that respects and values its own people can extend that respect to other species.  By treating animals and each other with kindness, our city will become a better and happier society in every way, a community which honours and protects both its people and its animals.

Respect towards animals and each other will change the way we live.  It means rejecting the belief that humans are superior to other species, along with rejecting all exploitation and abuse of animals.

Social Justice - equality and fairness for all

The AJP’s supports laws that are not only just and fair for people but also for animals because democratic principles and social justice for humans are embedded in the concept of animal justice.   The AJP(ACT) will determine its position on all social justice issues from this premise.

For the AJP (ACT) a genuine Bush Capital requires the land of the ACT to be shared with animals.  We need extensive natural bushland habitat throughout our suburbs and surrounding rural lands, and protection of the animals which live in this bushland, grassland and around our homes.

A new animal-friendly and innovative people economy

The current model of the narrowly focused productivity and consumption economy is failing.  The different voice of the AJP in politics for Canberra will be in clear contrast to the earth scouring, developer-led model promoted by the major parties.

This new economy would see employment opportunities arising around different types of socially just, ecologically sustainable and animal friendly innovation, and a health sector where animal engagement with people in hospitals, aged care facilities, nursing homes, hospices, schools and the justice system enhances both human and animal wellbeing.

A new model political party for Canberra

With AJP representation in the ACT Legislative Assembly, policies which impact on the wellbeing of animals will be properly reviewed and cruelty will be stopped.  This is a global political evolution with 15 other countries establishing parties equivalent to the AJP.  According to the Dutch Party for Animals around 80% of bills passing through that Parliament affect animals one way or another.  In Australia, this figure could hardly be any less.

'Traditional parties are in fact single issue parties, with exclusive attention to Westerners and their money.  Political Parties for the Animals have a broader vision.  They do not put the short-term interests of people first, but of the whole world and all her inhabitants instead.'

The AJP ACT Committee comprises:

Yana del Valle - Convenor
Jannah Fahiz - State Secretary

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