There is nothing more pure, more beautiful than sitting in nature, being, observing and melting into the landscape, becoming one with it. Suddenly nothing is hostile…everything just goes about its own business and we are a part of it all. (Unknown).

The way we treat animals in this country is terribly, terribly wrong – ethically, morally, practically and legally.

The Animal Justice Party values the lives of all beings, human and non-human. It views animal lives as having an importance beyond the simple biophysical, and as deserving of our respect, kindness and understanding. The AJP does not see the value in animal lives as being determined by perspectives on consciousness, human utility, or the narrow quantitative determinism of much science and conservation. The AJP does not support prejudice towards animal species in matters of cruelty.

The AJP recognises that many governments, institutions and individuals do not appreciate that living beings of all kinds have lives of meaning in their own right. The result of this unenlightened self-interest has been policies and practices that put money ahead of lives, and power and ignorance ahead of understanding. The short-sighted nastiness of much of government of today has ensured a pervasive neoliberal culture in our society that does not value animals for who they are, or cherish the remarkable worlds they seek to remain a part of.  As a consequence, it is government legislation, policies and practices that foster cruelty to and disregard of animals.

The individual policies outlined in the following pages embrace the two interconnected principles of well-being and capability. Well-being is based on fairness so that animals can have their rightful place on this Earth and to go about their normal lives without cruelty being inflicted by humans. Capability is based on the contribution of animals to our companionship, to our wonderment and joy, to our knowledge of other beings and to enhancing the sustainability of the landscape and seascape for all. It is also about an animal’s ability to nurture their young, to play, to make their homes, and to grow old.

The AJP provides a voice for policies and practices that promote respect, kindness, compassion and understanding towards animals and as a result provide an opportunity for better outcomes for society and the environment.  We all have our vulnerabilities and it is the quality of our response to these in others that determines the health and worth of our society.

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