President: Bruce Poon, VIC

Bruce PoonBruce is an IT Project Manager who has been involved in animal, environmental and community work most of his adult life. He has been vegetarian or vegan for over 28 years and has worked as a volunteer for Vegetarian Victoria. Bruce has spoken in Victoria, Australia and overseas on the environmental, social, ethical, health and economic impacts of dietary choices and authored a brochure on these topics which has been circulated to over 165,000 people.

He shares the vision of a world where non-human animals are treated with compassion and respect and wants to provide a voice for animals in Australia’s political system.

Vice President: Katrina Love, WA

KatrinaAJPKatrina describes herself as “an animal activist, politician, vegan advocate, pluviophile, photographer, Earthling, animal”;

She has been involved in the campaign to end live exports for 13 years – an issue that proved to be the impetus for her to adopt a vegan lifestyle over ten years ago. She works part-time as the Campaign Manager for Stop Live Exports in Fremantle, having left her full-time government job of 16 years as a native plant breeder at Kings Park Botanic Gardens six years ago, to focus on AJP and animal advocacy. Katrina sat on the Executive Board of Animals Australia for four years and continues to work closely with them on live exports.

Katrina has been involved with AJP since late 2012 and Convenor in Western Australia since 2013, having run in and planned for three federal elections, one Senate re-election, two by-elections and the 2017 WA state election.

When asked why she became involved with the Animal Justice Party, Katrina says: “Whilst laws (or the absence or weakness of them) allow the exploitation of animals and in fact excuse it when done on an economic basis, people will exploit animals – it’s human nature. Change will come eventually with more people waking up to the intrinsic value of animals and their right to a life free from human intervention, but we need legislation and political process to hurry it along – the success of this party is the quickest way to achieve that.”

National Treasurer: Wendy Davey, SA

Wendy has had a long career in the financial industry; with many years at Westpac and also in small business. She’s done just about everything, from customer management to establishing office systems and managing large contract negotiations. She brings a wealth of practical money skills to the party.  Wendy is also on the AJP Committee in South Australia and has a well earned reputation for getting things done and thinking things through.

National Secretary: Carol Bellenger, NSW

General Committee

Lindon Cox, QLD

Ben Costello, NSW

Ric Allport, QLD

Miranda Smith, VIC

Magda Wozny, VIC

Magda’s first introduction to how prolific and legally protected animal cruelty is, was when she read Slaughter of the Innocent by Hans Ruesch back in the late 80’s.  This eye opening yet extremely disturbing book about animal experimentation was what began her journey toward veganism, and ultimately involvement with the Animal Justice Party in 2013.  She has been actively involved in animal rights for most of her life, and it’s obvious to her that having political representation for all animals in all areas of government is critical to be able to achieve substantial change in their level of protection.  Her primary role is Victorian State Secretary, but she is involved in many other areas of AJP as well.

“I  used to volunteer as a Wildlife Rescuer which was very rewarding, but I soon realised that the long term benefits of what the AJP can achieve for all animals meant that committing to volunteering entirely for AJP would be the most effective use of my time. It’s hard work, but animals are worth it”.

In her full time job, she works in IT in the Emergency Management sector.  She also holds a Diploma of Health Science (Counselling). Magda shares her home with two very elderly felines that have been her companions for almost 20 years, as well as a few rescued fish.

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