President: Bruce Poon, VIC

Bruce previously worked as a Project Manager on IT systems in various industries, while volunteering on animal, environmental and community initiatives. He has been vegetarian or vegan for well over 30 years and has advocated for all animals, as well as participating in activism for racehorses, dogs, ducks and many others. In recent years he has worked for the party as a member, campaigner, founding convenor in Victoria and President. He continues to campaign, plan elections and run for office from time to time.

He shares the vision of the party to create a world where non-human animals are treated with compassion and respect. He continues to work to build political power to bring that world closer.

Vice President: Katrina Love, WA


Katrina describes herself as “a political animal activist, vegan advocate, pluviophile, photographer, Earthling, animal”.

She has been involved in the campaign to end live exports for 14 years – an issue that proved to be the impetus for her to adopt a vegan lifestyle over a decade ago. She works part-time as the Campaign Manager for Stop Live Exports in Fremantle, having left her full-time government job of 16 years as a native plant breeder at Kings Park & Botanic Gardens in 2013, to focus on AJP and animal advocacy. She sat on the Executive Board of Animals Australia for four years and continues to work closely with them on live exports. Her area of expertise apart from live exports, is animal husbandry and production and slaughter processes.

Katrina has been involved with AJP since late 2012, Convenor in Western Australia 2013 to 2021, national Vice President since 2017 and has run in and coordinated three federal elections, one Senate re-election, two federal by-elections and the 2017 WA state election.

When asked why she became involved with the Animal Justice Party, Katrina says: “Whilst laws (or the absence or weakness of them) allow the exploitation of animals and in fact excuse it when done on an economic basis, people will exploit animals – it’s human nature. Change will come eventually with more people waking up to the intrinsic value of animals and their right to a life free from human intervention, but we need legislation and political process to hurry it along – growth in political activism and the success of this party is the quickest way to achieve that.”

Treasurer: Morgan Michie, SA

Secretary: Carol Bellenger, NSW

Ordinary members:

Lindon Cox, QLD

Louise Pfeiffer, SA

Dr Nadine Richings, VIC

Dr Alicia Sutton, WA

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