Season’s Greetings to all Animal Justice Party supporters


Rosie the lucky wombat, who is being rehabilitated by President Steve Garlick and his wonderful wife Rosemary

We would like to thank every Animal Justice Party member and supporter for helping to make 2015 such a successful year for the animals. Together we not only witnessed, but made history, with Australia being only the second country in the world to elect an animal representative to Parliament.

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Animal Score Card: Mr Turnbull’s 100 days as PM

After 100 days as PM, Mr Turnbull has shown that animal abuse by his self-labelled Government of the 21st Century is set to continue at record levels. After 100 days this is what we have seen Mr Turnbull achieve for animals:

  • Held negotiations with the Indonesian Government to dramatically increase the live trade in cattle to that country despite all the evidence of ongoing extreme cruelty in this industry
  • Provided financial support to increase export marketing by the hideous commercial kangaroo killing industry, thereby strengthening our claim to be the country with the highest slaughter of a land-based native animal on the planet.
  • Encouraged the export of greyhounds to south east Asia despite formal requests to stop it by other Asian nations and clear evidence of abuse to these animals being perpetrated.
  • Going soft on opposition to whaling operations in negotiations with the Japanese prime minister.

People who support animal abuse should not be elected to public office. The Labor Party might have given Mr Turnbull a ‘B minus’ scorecard for his first 100 days. The Animal Justice Party gives him an ‘F for fail’ with a note saying he needs to re-consider his future.

The AJP delivered its submission to the ACT Government today concerning its declaration on ‘pest’ animals

Animal Justice Party ACT Pest Animals Submission. The submission, in summary, covers the following four areas:

  1. The concept of ‘pest’ animals;
  2. The importance of human behaviour in preventing the arrival of ‘pest’ animals;
  3. The actions taken when an animal is assessed as being a ‘pest’; and
  4. The need for independent and comprehensive expertise, including animal welfare and ecology, to review the declaration and treatment of ‘pest’ animals.

Click here to read the Animal Justice Party ACT Pest Animals Submission

International Meeting of Animal Political Parties

international-political-party-leadersNational President Steve Garlick and our NSW upper house member for the AJP Mark Pearson in November attended the fourth International Meeting of Animal Political Parties held in Tirana, Albania. The meeting was organised by the Animal Politics Foundation of the Dutch Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren).

AJP National President Steve Garlick with Party Leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals Marianne Thieme

AJP National President Steve Garlick with Party Leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals Marianne Thieme

The meeting attracted 13 animal political parties from around the world and covered a range of topics that will benefit the AJP. Steve and Mark presented cases on the live trade in animals and the trade in kangaroo products. The meeting agreed there would be international collaboration among members to stamp out trade in both industries.
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Funding to Fight Domestic Violence 

companion animalsThe AJP recognises what an effective advocate for the victims of domestic violence, Australian of the Year Rosemary Batty is. We congratulate her on her success. The AJP will continue to advocate for all victims of unnecessary violence, regardless of species.

The AJP recommends that a significant portion of the one hundred million dollars, set aside by the Government to improve domestic violence services, be used for the provision of women’s refuges that accept companion animals. As many women’s refuges will not accept companion animals, victims of domestic violence sometimes delay leaving their abusers as they fear for the safety of their companion animals. The end result of this concern for the family pet often leads to disastrous outcomes for women, children and the animals. Many abusers deliberately threaten to harm the family pet to keep the victims in their easy reach.

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AGM set for February

The AJP’s annual general meeting will be held on Saturday 20 February 2016. The meeting will begin at 1.00pm and will be held at our new Sydney office. The new AJP office is located at Suit F, Lower Ground Floor, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney. Its just a little way along from Town Hall Railway Station so its easily accessed by train.
In early January we will be seeking nominations for nine voluntary Committee of Management positions for the National AJP Committee for 2016. Next year will be exceedingly busy with a number of elections coming up. So if you are a voting member and have the time and have good strategic, communication, negotiation, critical thinking, and team work skills you may want to put your name forward.