Volunteer Teena on election day in Lindisfarne
Volunteer Teena on election day in Lindisfarne

Tasmania has a small but commited Animal Justice Party working group that commenced in September 2016.

Prior to this, two senate candidates stood for the party on the Senate ticket in Tasmania for the July 2016 federal election, receiving 0.7% of the primary vote, and finishing in 10th place out of 23 parties. This result was achieved with very little campaign time and with most of the Tasmanian public not having heard of us prior to election day.

Our aim now is to firmly establish the party in Tasmania. During 2017 we will be working to raise the profile of the party, increase the Tasmanian membership, and have the party registered in Tasmania in time to run candidates in the 2018 state election.

You can help us to achieve our aim by joining the party, joining our working group, or volunteering with us.

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