3 ROWE, Cassie WA Labor
7 GODFREY, Glenys Liberal Party
1 ANDERSON, Brigit Animal Justice Party
5 FRASER, Sue Australian Christians
4 SOBOH, Miral Micro Business Party
2 KHADKA, Bhuwan The Greens (WA)
6 MITCHELL, Julie Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
8 BLEVIN, Ian Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party




3 DICKMAN, Louise The Greens (WA)
4 O’MALLEY, Lisa WA Labor
5 KARFANTY, Richard Micro Business Party
2 KEPERT, Steve Independent
1 SAPORITA, Colleen Animal Justice Party
6 WARDELL-JOHNSON, Stephen Australian Christians
7 TAYLOR, Matt Liberal Party




1 JAGO, Ashley Animal Justice Party
3 PRICE, Stephen WA Labor
5 CROOK, Brett Australian Christians
7 MORTON, Nathan Liberal Party
4 SHAHALAM, M Micro Business Party
6 BENNET, Jenny Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
2 MARSHALL, Eugine The Greens (WA)




1 GOBBERT, Francesca Animal Justice Party
5 SPYKER, Warnar Australian Christians
7 FRANCIS, Joe Liberal Party
2 COX, Dorinda The Greens (WA)
6 MURPHY, John Manfred Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
4 SAMRA, Sat Micro Business Party




5 VAN BURGEL, Janelle Australian Christians
6 SUTHERLAND, Michael Liberal Party
2 ROBERTS, Matt The Greens (WA)
1 REVIAN, Kandi Animal Justice Party
4 FARSALAS, Alexandra Micro Business Party
3 MILLMAN, Simon WA Labor




3 CAREY, John WA Labor
4 BALLINGHALL, Ben Flux The System!
1 HANSON, Matt Animal Justice Party
2 MILLIGAN, Hannah The Greens (WA)
6 MOLYNEUX, Ian Julie Matheson for Western Australia
5 HYDE, Archie Micro Business Party
7 LIM, Ken Evan Australian Christians
8 EVANGEL, Eleni Liberal Party


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