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  • ¬†End greyhound racing
  • Outlaw recreational hunting and shooting
  • Ban unlicensed breeding of companion animals
  • Call for government funding for a new animal shelter south of river
  • Review the WA Animal Welfare Act 2002, specifically “unnecessary harm” and change status of fish to “animals” rather than “resources” and increase penalties for animal cruelty/abuse under the Act
  • Protected status for the Dingo
  • Ban the use of 1080
  • Ban the use Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGAR) and severely restrict the sale and use of First Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (FGARs)
  • Stop culling native wildlife
  • Ban the single use plastic bag
  • Ban the use of balloons at outdoor events
  • Ban the sale of all animals in pet stores and online
  • Land development approval requirements tightened to ensure wildlife management plans in place (e.g. Yanchep kangaroos, Coolbellup bushland, Beeliar Wetlands)
  • Independent Offices of Animal Welfare (state and national)
  • Oppose the destruction of Beeliar Wetlands and the construction of Roe 8. and support the road to rail campaign
  • Crack down on discarded fishing gear, both recreational and commercial
  • No to Coastal Development (Trigg and Joondalup)
  • Oppose the Point Peron Development
  • Humane, non-lethal methods of population control for introduced, wild-living animals
  • Support changes to the Residential Tenancy Act to rental accommodation to be more accepting of companion animals
  • Non-lethal shark mitigation policies
  • End factory farming


N.B. The absence of live animal exports as a policy for the state election is due to the fact that this is a federal trade issue and can not effectively be impacted at a state level. Naturally, we still fully support an end to the export of all live animals.


Click here for details of all AJP policies at both state and federal levels.

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