Laws to end animal cruelty are possible now!

The Animal Justice Party aims to represent animals in parliament and to ensure laws and policies are implemented and enforced to achieve genuine justice for animals.

By voting for The Animal Justice Party you are:

  • Voting on behalf of the hundreds of greyhounds who die or are euthanized in NSW every year after sustaining racing injuries.
  • Voting on behalf of the thousands of dogs in puppy farms who are kept in horrific conditions their entire lives and bred purely for profit.
  • Voting for the large cats, monkeys and other animals kept in circuses who are forced to perform and live in cages their entire lives.

Help us end animal cruelty

The Animal Justice Party is one of many political parties for animals that have emerged around the world in the last decade.  In 2015 we made history when we won a seat in the NSW state election.

On April 8, vote 1 Animal Justice Party and send a strong message to the other Parties that animal cruelty must stop. When elected we will put forward legislation that achieves genuine justice for animals and ensures their interests are taken seriously in the corridors of power.

Please don’t vote 2 AJP, here’s why.


Seat Candidate
North Shore Ila Lessing
Manly Ellie Robertson
Gosford Skyla Wagstaff


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