Ila-sI immigrated to Australia from South Africa in 2006 where I have been living in Cremorne, Sydney with my husband, our rescued cats and a lively community of free-roaming bush turkeys, cockatoos, lorikeets and other local birds. I hold an Executive MBA from AGSM UNSW, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science. I have over 20 years of experience working in financial services, and have worked (and rescued animals!) in Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

I am passionate about eliminating all forms of animal cruelty; specifically factory farming, live exports, caged animals and all forms of animal experimentation/testing. I believe that raising awareness of animal cruelty will contribute to increased levels of prevention.

I support a kinder world for all and believe that a substantial portion of the laws passed through Parliament directly or indirectly affects animal welfare. It is through the parliamentary system that policies can be implemented to better protect animals and animal rights. Australia, proudly, is one of the few countries globally with a political party giving a voice to animals. The AJP is the best way for Australians to give a voice to animals and ensure a kinder world for all, by making sure their vote counts!

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