EllieA fresh start for Manly!
We all want honesty and transparency within our government. I am here to give you this opportunity as an alternative and positive change in how we serve our community. I worked within the government sector for over 20 years with the last three years as a public speaker on disability issues. I was born to Greek parents and speak fluent Greek. I also run my own small business and I have a wealth of knowledge regarding the NDIS. I live with my husband and four cats and even though I have been living with a physical disability since birth, it hasn’t stopped me from living my life to the fullest and embracing all that life has given me.
Although my primary focus is animal welfare issues, I will also be able to focus on areas of concern regarding people with disabilities, women and multiculturalism as I have personal experiences in all of these.  In particular, I will be addressing issues on animal welfare, including their habitat e.g. trees, nature reserves, parks, rivers and lakes.
State Parliament is long overdue in providing opportunities for women (particularly women with disabilities) to serve our community however we must also have a strong representation for the rights and welfare of animals also living in our community.
I want to see our community as a sustainable, beautiful and thriving society with compassion for all living beings.  I do not want to see our community turned into a concrete jungle.
Issues I will address immediately if elected:

  • Save Manly Dam Bushland
  • Spit Bridge Tunnel
  • Promote desexing of companion animals with subsidies for pensioners and low income earners
  • Banning the sale of animals in pet shops (unless they are rescues)
  • Shutting down puppy farms
  • Work to shut down the Greyhound Racing industry
  • Banning circuses that use animals
  • Banning tethering of dogs
  • Banning bait poisoning and cruel leg traps
  • Promote open air spaces
  • Promote native vegetation and native trees (and reduce unnecessary tree removal) to keep our community green and healthy.
  • Promote disability awareness and accessibility within our community including the recognition of the emotional / physical value of assistance and companion animals.
  • Housing Affordability
  • Acknowledge and promote women’s contribution in supporting our community.

I look forward to the privilege of serving my community – people and animals!

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