Funding to Fight Domestic Violence 

companion animalsThe AJP recognises what an effective advocate for the victims of domestic violence, Australian of the Year Rosemary Batty is. We congratulate her on her success. The AJP will continue to advocate for all victims of unnecessary violence, regardless of species.

The AJP recommends that a significant portion of the one hundred million dollars, set aside by the Government to improve domestic violence services, be used for the provision of women’s refuges that accept companion animals. As many women’s refuges will not accept companion animals, victims of domestic violence sometimes delay leaving their abusers as they fear for the safety of their companion animals. The end result of this concern for the family pet often leads to disastrous outcomes for women, children and the animals. Many abusers deliberately threaten to harm the family pet to keep the victims in their easy reach.

Research has also demonstrated on numerous occasions, that many violent offenders start by abusing animals and progress to human victims.

The scourge of domestic violence is another example of the abuse of animals being closely related to the abuse of humans. Therefore, taking all unnecessary violence, regardless of the victim’s species, seriously will make Australia better for all.

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