The Adler Shotgun … the real issues

There’s been some serious press time devoted to the who-said-what-when aspects of the Adler shotgun controversy. But no space devoted to the bigger issue of shotguns in general and their use in killing and crippling animals. National AJP committee member Geoff Russell looks at the mechanics of killing and torturing animals with shotguns in a New Matilda article: The Adler Shotgun: The Carnage It Unleashes On Politicians Is The Least Of Its Downsides

Apology to Ray Hadley from the Animal Justice Party

Late last month we issued two press releases which criticised and questioned radio 2GB broadcaster Ray Hadley.

In particular it was suggested that Mr Hadley had a financial stake in greyhound racing and an association with a person banned as a trainer.

We now know and acknowledge that Ray Hadley has had no interest in any greyhound for many years. He has no greyhounds nor any personal interest in the industry.

Our suggestions to the contrary were based on unreliable and wrong information and we expressly apologise for those errors and suggestions that his broadcasts were motivated by self-interest. We have already withdrawn all suggestions of any involvement by Mr Hadley in animal cruelty and corruption and again express our regret for those false assertions.

It is pleasing to note that although Mr Hadley opposes the total shutdown of the greyhound industry, he shares our abhorrence of the disgraceful conduct of some in that industry which has recently been exposed.

Animal Justice Party Ticks all the animal welfare and conservation boxes

Four respected animal welfare and conservation groups have given the tick of approval to the Animal Justice Party’s policies.

The Humane Society International (HSI) rated the AJP highly against all seven indicators of conservation and all four indicators of animal welfare in its 2016 Federal Election Report Card.

In its submission to the HSI, the AJP said it cannot support so-called conservation arguments by gun-toting vandals, representatives of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, some landowners and some apparent conservation organisations like Bush Heritage who believe that Australian native animals can be killed in the mistaken pretence that it somehow protects other endangered animals.

“The evidence from the ACT in relation to kangaroos demonstrates this is a totally wrongheaded view about ecology and the place of native animals that is not consistent with international experience”, said Professor Steve Garlick, National President of the Animal Justice Party. “We cannot support the Greens, Labor or the Liberal National Party in the ACT for having such beliefs with disastrous outcomes for all our wildlife. As we have stated before, the killing culture towards Australia’s native animals has to stop.”

World Animal Protection,, Animals Australia

and Voiceless have similarly rated the AJP highly against their respective animal welfare criteria including calling for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare, banning live animal exports, banning animal testing for cosmetics, and banning the killing of kangaroos.


Animal Justice Party renewed policy on greyhound racing

The AJP Position

The Animal Justice Party believes that animals should be enjoyed, appreciated, respected and cared for in terms of their natural behaviours, whether wild or domesticated. They should not be terrified as they perform unnatural behaviours, under pressure to perform for monetary gain and forced to endure illness, injury and over-exertion all for the pleasure of audience entertainment and gambling. The AJP therefore seeks a uniform nationwide ban on animals in entertainment ban, through Federal legislation. Continue reading

Animal Justice Party MP condemns illegal hunting and calls for more funding for Rural Crime Investigators


The Hon. Mark Pearson, MLC has previously warned that the number one concern for farmers is illegal hunting trespass, with research backing his claim:

“Since being elected to the NSW upper house last year, my office has received a steady stream of calls from distressed and angry landholders about illegal hunting on their properties.” Continue reading

AJP Opens its Sydney Office

On 6 December, the Animal Justice Party held its Official NSW Office Opening. Many regular volunteers and long term supporters attended to celebrate the occasion. We expect other AJP offices to open during 2016.

The Sydney office is conveniently located close to Town Hall Railway Station in the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts. The SMSA was established in 1833 and contains Australia’s longest running library. The AJP is located on the lower ground floor. There is good disabled access to the office.

The office was designed, fitted out and is staffed entirely by volunteers. These volunteers will be busy in coming months in the new office building the NSW membership to even higher levels. AJP National President Steve Garlick delivered an inspiring speech to all who attended the office opening.

The AJP delivered its submission to the ACT Government today concerning its declaration on ‘pest’ animals

Animal Justice Party ACT Pest Animals Submission. The submission, in summary, covers the following four areas:

  1. The concept of ‘pest’ animals;
  2. The importance of human behaviour in preventing the arrival of ‘pest’ animals;
  3. The actions taken when an animal is assessed as being a ‘pest’; and
  4. The need for independent and comprehensive expertise, including animal welfare and ecology, to review the declaration and treatment of ‘pest’ animals.

Click here to read the Animal Justice Party ACT Pest Animals Submission