[STOP PRESS] ABC Q&A TONIGHT 9.30pm: AJP Member, Helen Walton, may have the opportunity to question about farm animals, stating she is a member of AJP

Dear Supporter / Member,

The Animal Justice Party is rapidly going from strength to strength. From almost 100,000 votes in the last Federal election to more than tripling that percentage in the recent Victorian election, very often being the leading minor Party. We will, with your support, elect people into the parliaments of Australia.

NSW is a very real opportunity where a candidate could be elected at this Saturday’s election so we really need your support.

Please be as generous with your time as you can and help to herald the much needed voice of animals into the, often indifferent to the plight of animals, halls of parliament.

We are standing Mark Pearson, lead candidate, with Lynda Stoner for the Upper House [Legislative Council]; Michael Walsh for Newtown; Michelle Nielssen for Balmain; Cherie Imlah in the Lismore electorate; Susan Strain for Lake MacQuarie and Josh Agland for Swansea.

Please commit to even just an hour handing out ‘HOW TO VOTE’ cards at the pre-poll and polling booths from now until 6pm Saturday.

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AJP to Start Youth Group

Following the success of the youth group in the Dutch Party for the Animals, the Animal Justice Party at its recent Annual General Meeting agreed to give impetus to encouraging young folk to become members. The eventual goal is to establish a young person’s wing of the Party. Party president Professor Steve Garlick said it was vital that the fresh ideas and tech savvy knowledge of young people was important in ridding the parliamentary system in this country and its supporting political bodies of their disregard for the wellbeing of all animals.

To progress this initiative, a meeting is being held at the University of Sydney on 17 March at 4.00pm in Carslaw 352.  Meetings at other universities will follow soon. Inquiries can be directed to Hazel Stephens at: hazelstrephens@yahoo.com




Next week at PARAMOUNT HOUSE, 80 Commonwealth St., Surry Hills

Tuesday Feb 3rd at 6pm, and Wednesday Feb 4th at 8.30 pm

Four young people take an investigative road trip around Australia after stumbling upon online activist videos of suffering farm animals. Unafraid to ask questions, they speak to all sides, from politicians to activists, farmers, Indigenous Australians, philosophers, scientists and immigrant-workers. Their views on the subject change with each new encounter, with the team realising that the animal condition spreads far beyond the farm gate.

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Great Result for the AJP in the Victorian Election

While its still too early to conclude final results, its clear from what we know now that the Animal Justice Party has done remarkably well in its very first Victorian election.

Our vote in the upper house has more than doubled in the 15 months since the Federal Senate election in Victoria giving us either eighth or ninth ranking in vote numbers. Given the closeness in votes to other small parties there is a real prospect, given our trend, of jumping to fifth by the time of the next federal election. An elected representative in the upper house is but a matter of time. Some of the parties we are leapfrogging have been around for a long time and some have bags of money. The AJP, on the other hand, will get there with pure passion and an unflinching commitment to do all we can for all the animals that continue to be in severe distress every day in this country.

In the lower house we demonstrated in the seats we competed in that we can run a clear fourth behind the three major parties. More than this, we have shown that with a strategic approach we can determine the outcome of who wins a seat and who doesn’t. Given this impressive showing we will stand candidates in more lower house seats in future elections.

Congratulations to the 25 AJP candidates that stood in the election and to their Victorian team of supporters.

AJP attends International forum of Animal Politics Parties

Animal Justice Party president Professor Steve Garlick and party secretary Mark Pearson recently attended an international forum of animal political parties from ten nations in Belgrade. The countries with animal parties attending the meeting were Netherlands, UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Cyprus, Germany, Australia and Turkey. Two of the countries, Germany and Netherlands, have representatives in the European Parliament and the Dutch Party for the Animals has several representatives in their national parliament. Continue reading

AJP Condemns Glenbog State Forest Wombat Massacre

The Animal Justice Party of Australia condemns the actions of contractors employed by the Forestry Commission of NSW in burying alive up to 150 free-living bare-nosed wombats in the Glenbog State Forest in South-East NSW last week.

loggers intentionally bury wombats alive

Ray Wynan is doing plenty of whinin’ about the way these cute little furry guys were treated by loggers. We’re with you, Ray. Pic: The Glenbog Blog Source: NewsComAu

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