Funding to Fight Domestic Violence 

companion animalsThe AJP recognises what an effective advocate for the victims of domestic violence, Australian of the Year Rosemary Batty is. We congratulate her on her success. The AJP will continue to advocate for all victims of unnecessary violence, regardless of species.

The AJP recommends that a significant portion of the one hundred million dollars, set aside by the Government to improve domestic violence services, be used for the provision of women’s refuges that accept companion animals. As many women’s refuges will not accept companion animals, victims of domestic violence sometimes delay leaving their abusers as they fear for the safety of their companion animals. The end result of this concern for the family pet often leads to disastrous outcomes for women, children and the animals. Many abusers deliberately threaten to harm the family pet to keep the victims in their easy reach.

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Passion gets Animals Represented in NSW Parliament

Despite a tiny budget, but with of plenty of passion, the Animal Justice Party won its first parliamentary seat by gaining the last seat in the Legislative Council election in New South Wales today. At the preference distribution count today the AJP ended up an easy winner for the final seat ahead of the No Land Tax Party and the Liberal Party.

This is a historic result; as Party President and Founder Professor Steve Garlick said: “This is the first time in Australia that animals will be represented at a parliamentary level. We know that more than 80 percent of all decisions made in Australian parliaments impact on the lives of animals and its about time they had a voice representing their interests”.

Elected AJP candidate Mark Pearson will take up his position in the NSW upper house in July and will have much to say about how the lives of farm, domestic and wild animals in NSW can be improved.  Being the Executive Director of NSW Animal Liberation, Mark comes to this parliamentary role with considerable commitment and knowledge about how to stop animal cruelty.

Apart from supporting Mark in his new role in the Parliament of NSW, the Party will now set its sights on a number of elections in 2016 where it hopes to emulate its success and where it will target government supported extreme animal brutality.

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NSW Election Campaign to Begin in Earnest

The AJP is officially registered for the March NSW election and next week will begin announcing its upper and lower house candidates. Watch this space!

It was heart warming to see so many dedicated, highly qualified animal advocates submit their candidacy nominations to the selection committee for consideration.  Thanks to all of you.  If any member would like to volunteer to assist the AJP throughout the campaign, including on election day, please email Michael Walsh at



2PM – 5PM 

Venue: Beautiful Olde Church (now a home), in Turramurra, featuring CELTIC HARP and ancient Roman stones from ‘Hadrian’s Wall’, Scotland, of around AD 128

Event includes sublime entertainment, delicious vegan food, drinks and auction

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AJP stages stunt at Central station to draw attention to battery hens

Thought your train trip home was crowded? Think again.

Commuters at Central Station are being herded in by a flock of fluffy chickens this afternoon, the yellow-breasted activists filling the station to draw attention to the plight of caged battery hens in Australia.696540-chickens

Organised by the Animal Justice Party, the stunt encourages commuters to cuddle up to a chicken and “take a pic with a chick”, then share it across Facebook and Twitter.

Organiser Hazel Stephens said the stunt was also a way to draw attention to the two candidates the Animal Justice Party would nominate for the next state election.

“If you see us definitely come up and take a photo, and more importantly share it on social media,” Ms Stephens said.

661357-battery-hens“We want to get across to people that there’s a political party out there that’s focussed on the animals, and we also wanted to highlight the crisis of battery hens at the same time.

“It might sound like a bit of a niche market but in fact nearly 80 per cent of decisions made in parliament will have some effect on animals.

“What we’re about is having someone there who is going to be a voice for the animals and put across that perspective each and every time.”

The Animal Justice Party Chickens will be at Central Station until 7pm Thursday.



The Animal Justice Party  last week took part in a stunt on a packed Sydney commuter train to call attention to the living conditions of battery-caged hens. Supporters packed a rush hour train to Bondi Junction to demonstrate the cramped conditions that caged chickens across Australia face on a daily basis.

caged chickens

Caging chickens is just cruel

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