Animal Justice Party Ticks all the animal welfare and conservation boxes

Four respected animal welfare and conservation groups have given the tick of approval to the Animal Justice Party’s policies.

The Humane Society International (HSI) rated the AJP highly against all seven indicators of conservation and all four indicators of animal welfare in its 2016 Federal Election Report Card.

In its submission to the HSI, the AJP said it cannot support so-called conservation arguments by gun-toting vandals, representatives of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, some landowners and some apparent conservation organisations like Bush Heritage who believe that Australian native animals can be killed in the mistaken pretence that it somehow protects other endangered animals.

“The evidence from the ACT in relation to kangaroos demonstrates this is a totally wrongheaded view about ecology and the place of native animals that is not consistent with international experience”, said Professor Steve Garlick, National President of the Animal Justice Party. “We cannot support the Greens, Labor or the Liberal National Party in the ACT for having such beliefs with disastrous outcomes for all our wildlife. As we have stated before, the killing culture towards Australia’s native animals has to stop.”

World Animal Protection,, Animals Australia

and Voiceless have similarly rated the AJP highly against their respective animal welfare criteria including calling for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare, banning live animal exports, banning animal testing for cosmetics, and banning the killing of kangaroos.


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