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An afternoon of wildlife

AJP SA hosted a wonderful movie and discussion afternoon on Sunday 9 December. We screened the ground-breaking film, 'Kangaroo', held a discussion on the similarities and differences between the management of kangaroos and the efforts to protect  the Port River dolphins, and enjoyed a delicious vegan afternoon tea.

Many thanks to special guest speaker, Georgie Kenning, President of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary- Action Group, for presenting the special challenges which her group faces.


Another successful AJP Quiz night

On 24th November, AJP SA hosted a second quiz night for 2019, to help us to raise money for the federal election next year.

The night included a vegan barbecue, some terrific bargains in the silent auction, and lots of fun and friendly competition with quiz questions and games. In fact, this quiz night was the biggest we've ever held, with over 150 people attending.

Look out for our next quiz night ... we aim to overflow the hall next time! 


Live export - keep up the pressure

The government's shocking inaction on live export doesn't reflect the feelings of around 80% of South Australians, who want live exports to stop. SPCA Australia's senior policy officer, Dr Jed Goodfellow, has pointed out that domestic processing is the only way to ensure Australian animals' welfare.

Contact your local member to keep the pressure up on our politicians.


Laboratory animals should enjoy retirement

Beagle Freedom Australia, in conjunction with other organisations such as the Animal Justice Party, is working to introduce legislation which means that all tax-payer funded labs have to offer their dogs and cats for adoption through rescue organisations after experiments have finished.

Please help us make it happen by signing the petition, and getting your friends to sign as well.

If you are interested in other animal experimentation issues, go to the Humane Research website.


Campaign news

After our stunning debut in the March South Australian election, AJP SA is starting to look ahead to the next federal election, which will be held sometime before May 2019. We are planning to stand 2 candidates in the Senate, and 7 candidates in lower house metropolitan seats.

In this campaign, we will be focusing on the national issues of live export, factory farming, kangaroo killing and the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

Watch this space for further information about our candidates and their backgrounds!


AJP SA email free list

We at AJP SA have an email group called the ajp-freelist, and all AJP members are invited to use this for communication on animal related issues.

Members of the free list can email as much or as little as they like, but all ideas, opinions and information on animal matters are invited.

The current members on this list are very busy and active, and exchange informative animal related posts. They also provide friendly encouragement to one another, and support regarding letters, petitions, and updated events.

If you'd like to be part of the list, just send an email to our convenor.



Voices for Animals Media Group

Voices for animals

Animals have been abused for decades. It's now time for change.

Use your keyboard and pen to help bring about a new paradigm. Join our dedicated media group, Voices for animals, and let politicians and the general public know your feelings about animal abuse via the newspapers, letters and social media.

We would particularly like to hear from anyone who listens to talk-back radio regularly ... it would be good to check out the opportunities to ring in.

Just click on the image to go to our website.


News and Views

  • Liberal MP Susan Ley made an impassioned speech about the cruelty of live sheep export, but has now changed her tune. Her private members bill has been dropped, no doubt to avoid further division in a Liberal party already in disarray. The only way the live sheep trade will now end is by a change of government, assuming the Labor party honours its commitments. However, there is no end in sight to live cattle export. 
  • Also bear in mind that sheep and cattle are not the only species to suffer because of the shocking live trade industry. There are now concerns about the export of donkeys to China, for their skins to be used in Chinese medicine. Even if the animals are not exported live, there are plans to kill more donkeys here to export their hides. Please add your voice to stop this happening. 
  • On Saturday, 8 December, the Professional Bull Riders Invitational event is to be held again at the Entertainment Centre. The Vegan Alliance and Animal Activists SA will be holding a protest at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Port Rd, from 5pm. You can also write to the Entertainment Centre, expressing your disgust that they host an event based on brutality.
  • Watch from the Strathalbyn slaughterhouse - if you can bear it. AJP has written to the minister responsible for animal welfare, David Speirs, urging him to follow the UK lead and introduce legislation to make CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses. If you think CCTV should be installed in slaughterhouses, email the Minister or write a letter (The Hon David Speirs, Minister for Environment, Parliament House, Adelaide 5000).
  • The SA Jockey Club plans to run six camel races at Morphettville racecourse on December 21. The RSPCA is concerned that transport to and from the event, as well as the races themselves (for example, whips) will cause anxiety and distress to the camels. If you agree, write to the Jockey Club at or GPO Box 2646, Adelaide SA 5001. You can also write to sponsors, saying you will not support companies who support cruelty: Chalk Hill Wines McLaren Vale, Fresh FM, and Thirsty Camel Bottleshops
  • A recent report shows how the US could reach up to three quarters of its greenhouse gas reduction target by eating beans instead of beef. Why is the AJP the only political party that recognises the impact of meat-eating on climate change?  Read more
  • Do you think we should know how many animals are used for research and teaching is SA? So do we, but our government refuses to tell us. Please send an email asking the Minister to stop this secrecy and follow the lead of NSW and Victoria who publish annual reports. Without statistics, we have no idea whether any progress is being made in reducing animal experiments.


Communicate with us

email contact:   |   postal contact: Secretary, Animal Justice Party SA, PO Box 462, Marden 5070

Go to our Calendar of Events to find out what events are coming up in SA, or find out more about volunteering for the AJP in South Australia.

We have monthly meetings on the last Sunday of each month at 2.00pm at the Box Factory, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide. We’d love to see you there.

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