AJP MP’s Thoughtless Act In a Decades Long Career In the Service of Animals

Charges of hypocrisy being levelled at AJP Member of the NSW Parliament, Mark Pearson, need to be put into the context of his decades of service to animals. The attacks on a long-term animal rights campaigner appear to be for the sole purpose of trying to ensure the AJP does not succeed in its quest for a better world for animals.

Mark has deviated from the Animal Justice Party policy of a plant-based diet by eating fish, and we are disappointed with our MP’s behaviour. As the public face of the party we hold him to a higher standard and expect him to adhere to this policy. Mark Pearson isn’t perfect and we’d like him to do better, and believe that he will. We understand the disappointment felt by our supporters and apologise to them unreservedly. This is a timely lesson that those in government are ordinary human beings with flaws and inconsistencies.

We have already seen the benefits to animals of having Mark Pearson in parliament.  He is bringing the issue of animal cruelty into parliament every day.  Mark has tabled Bills that would mandate CCTV cameras in abattoirs, ensure monitoring and sprinkler systems are installed in intensive farms,  see the implementation of a ban on animals in circuses and prohibit primates being used in research.  Parliament has been required to debate the mulesing of sheep and listen to speeches about a full range of animal interests.  Ministers have responded to questions as diverse as sow stalls in piggeries to the cruelty of keeping dolphins in captivity.  The (sadly too-brief) Greyhound Racing Industry ban was partially credited to Mark’s discussion with Mike Baird.  We are still hopeful that Mark’s lobbying of the Environment Minister will result in a trial for contraceptive darting of brumbies rather than slaughter and trapping.

We have confidence that Mark will continue to serve animals by pushing for legislative change. We also have confidence that he has the strategic thinking required to achieve such change within the complex framework of our Parliamentary system. The AJP is the only party that takes a stand for all animals, human and non-human alike. 

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