Our aims and priorities are to:

  • Build up the AJP membership in the ACT, maintain our registration as a political party and run candidates in the Territory election in 2020.
  • prepare submissions on government animal-related projects, particularly projects that include the introduction of protection laws for kangaroos and non-lethal management practices.
  • Redirecting $6.3M funding, currently allocated to the racing industry, towards Community and improved health based projects.
  • Meet Legislative Assembly members to discuss and promote AJP policies such as the establishment of an Independent Animal Protection Agency.
  • Develop a working relationship with animal protection and welfare groups in the ACT.
  • Ending the use of poisons ie: 1080 and pindone, and the release of infectious diseases like calicivirus and myxomatosis into the environment.
  • Identify events that AJP can take part in and have stalls to spread the word about the AJP, and continue to build up our membership.
  • Continue to maintain and post regular updates on our AJP ACT Facebook page.
  • Send out quarterly newsletters to our members.
  • Host fundraising events with special guests.

Interested to know more? Send Yana a message or phone (0402 207 249) for more information.

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