President: Bruce Poon, VIC

Bruce PoonBruce is an IT Project Manager who has been involved in animal, environmental and community work most of his adult life. He has been vegetarian or vegan for over 28 years and has worked as a volunteer for Vegetarian Victoria. Bruce has spoken in Victoria, Australia and overseas on the environmental, social, ethical, health and economic impacts of dietary choices and authored a brochure on these topics which has been circulated to over 165,000 people.

He shares the vision of a world where non-human animals are treated with compassion and respect and wants to provide a voice for animals in Australia’s political system.

Vice President: Katrina Love, WA


National Treasurer: Wendy Davey, SA

Wendy has had a long career in the financial industry; with many years at Westpac and also in small business. She’s done just about everything, from customer management to establishing office systems and managing large contract negotiations. She brings a wealth of practical money skills to the party.  Wendy is also on the AJP Committee in South Australia and has a well earned reputation for getting things done and thinking things through.


National Secretary: Carol Bellenger, NSW

General Committee


Ric Allport, QLD

Miranda Smith, VIC

Magda Wozny, VIC

Geoff Russell, SA

Geoff RussellGeoff has been a committee member of Animal Liberation for many of the past 30 years, and  while no longer on the committee, remains a life member of both it and the RSPCA. He ran the South Australian duck rescues during the 1990s and was a member of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee in South Australia in addition to being on two animal experimentation ethics committees. Geoff has been active at all levels of campaigning, but in recent years has concentrated on writing, particularly on the environmental impacts of meat. His primary goal is to find non-vegan audiences; to take them out of their comfort zone by highlighting the fact that any professed concern for the planet is incompatible with a meat centric diet.

“I aim to mix in meat issues with non-meat environmental issues. My 2009 book “CSIRO Perfidy” is not only a critique of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing diet but also a comprehensive analysis of animal agriculture in Australia.

“AJP is an essential part of moving the animal movement from its frequent role as a cozy club for like-minded people into a potent political force.”

Angela Pollard, NSW

Angela PollardAngela Pollard is a vegan and an animal protection lawyer with a background in social justice. She has twenty years’ experience in community management, funding, human resources and the governance of incorporated associations.

She has been active in advocacy, law reform and community education in the fields of animal protection, women’s, workers and LGBTI rights.

Angela is currently employed as Senior Advisor for The Hon Mark Pearson. MLC, Animal Justice Party in the NSW Parliament.

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