Next week at PARAMOUNT HOUSE, 80 Commonwealth St., Surry Hills

Tuesday Feb 3rd at 6pm, and Wednesday Feb 4th at 8.30 pm

Four young people take an investigative road trip around Australia after stumbling upon online activist videos of suffering farm animals. Unafraid to ask questions, they speak to all sides, from politicians to activists, farmers, Indigenous Australians, philosophers, scientists and immigrant-workers. Their views on the subject change with each new encounter, with the team realising that the animal condition spreads far beyond the farm gate.

Producer, Director and Mark Pearson (who all appear in the film, including Lyn White and Peter Singer) will speak and answer questions. See Golden Age website.

Why should you see this film?

Over the last few years in Australia, animal welfare has grown from a fringe issue to a national focus. This unbiased and even-handed documentary presents all sides of the story, giving the farming industry every opportunity to put its case, and allowing audiences to draw their own conclusions. The Animal Condition has been doing the rounds at film festivals over in the US as well as here in Australia, earning rave reviews. The issues in Dahlstrom’s film extend beyond animal welfare, which also examines the way that society’s management systems influence how we as humans treat each other.

Peter Singer on the film:

“If we ever needed proof that the corporate farming lobby is proposing ag-gag laws because it has something to hide, The Animal Condition provides that proof.”

“In The Animal Condition we join the film-makers on a journey of discovery about what happens to animals when they become commodities. Not a polemic, nor unsympathetic to the needs of farmers, the film gives the industry every opportunity to put its case, and allows us to draw our own conclusions.”

– Peter Singer

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