Ebola for bunnies

The Government intends to release a deadly rabbit haemorrhagic virus next month.  AJP has argued in a submission to the Invasive Plants and Animal Committee that the release is unsound both on conservation and ethical grounds. Rabbits are also much loved companion animals and the only available vaccine has only had a small pilot study.

What can you do? Talk to your vet about the vaccine if you keep rabbits and request an urgent meeting with your local MP to lodge an objection.

There is also an article on New Matilda based on the submission. You can add comments.



Vote 1 Animal Justice Party in WA on March 11

AJP WA 2017 new flyer B&W jpg

The AJP in Western Australia has been working hard to ensure we have a substantial presence in contesting the State Election taking place on 11 March.

We are running two candidates for the Legislative Council (Upper House) in North Metro, East Metro, South Metro and South West.

Additionally, the AJP will be running candidates in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) marginal seats of Belmont, Bicton, Forrestdale, Jandakot, Mt Lawley and Perth.

We will be taking a full suite of animal protection policies to the election in order to hold the major parties to account and put animals on the political agenda. Please VOTE 1 AJP to send a message that animals matter.